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Le passage sur un compte twitter consacré à la dénonciation de la « dictature sanitaire » m’a donné l’occasion de découvrir cet étonnant texte de Marx extrait d’un article de 1842 consacré à la censure  :

« The human body is mortal by nature. Hence illnesses are inevitable. Why does a man only go to the doctor when he is ill, and not when he is well? Because not only the illness, but even the doctor is an evil. Under constant medical tutelage, life would be regarded as an evil and the human body as an object for treatment by medical institutions. Is not death more desirable than life that is a mere preventive measure against death? Does not life involve also free movement? What is any illness except life that is hampered in its freedom? A perpetual physician would be an illness in which one would not even have the prospect of dying, but only of living. »

Karl Marx, Rheinische Zeitung No. 139, 19 mai 1842

(texte intégral de l’article)