« Edward Glover had brought his substantial scientific gravitas to Klein’s endeavors. He had once vigorously defended her, but he found this new model untenable. With Jones on his way to retirement and Glover in line to become president of the British Society, this was a serious problem for Klein. A Viennese analyst recalled that Glover’s break meant Klein was “no longer the Goddess” of London. To make matters worse, Glover’s ally in his upcoming battle against Melanie Klein and her theories of sadistic children was Melanie’s own daughter, Melitta Schmideberg. After completing medical training, Melitta had joined the British Society and gone into analysis with Glover. The British Society’s meetings soon devolved into a bizarre family feud. The outspoken Melitta condemned her mother and her mother’s theory of mothers, while Melanie defended her theory of sadistic children to, among others, her own daughter.

George Makari, Revolution in Mind, HarperCollins, p. 436-437