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… la mort ou la vraie vie ?


A. Tarkovski, Le sacrifice

– You shouldn’t grieve so much. You shouldn’t be waiting like that. That’s important. One shouldn’t be waiting for something.
– “Shouldn’t be waiting” Who says I’m waiting for anything ?
– We all are … waiting for something! Take me, for example. All my life I’ve been going around waiting for something. All my life, in fact, I’ve felt as if … as if I were waiting in a railway station. And I’ve always felt as if … as if the living I’ve done, so far, hasn’t actually been real life but a long wait for it …b along wait for something real, something important.


A. Kurosawa, Rêves

A – See you later
B – Wait !Radiation doesn’t kill you at once.
A – So what ! A slow death is even worse. I refuse to die slowly. Adults dying …
C – They’ve lived long enough already. But the children haven’t even lived yet, it’s unfair.
A – Waiting to die isn’t living.